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Asia Bar Girl

Working at the Asian Bar is much more then just serving drinks for these sexy chicks, it’s also about hardcore sex with cameras recording their every move, Asia Bar Girl has it all!

Now, this is the kind of bar I’d love to pay a visit. Asian Bar Girl is a reality porn site showing cute amateur Asian teen chicks at their work place, a bar where they serve drinks wearing very little or nothing on, but serving drinks is just one part of what their job is, they also get to be used as sex dolls by any of the patrons. Sure, they can say no, but they get massive tips, and that, if nothing else, is something that gets sexy Asian chicks all lubed up and ready to take a big cock up their behind. Since the scenes are bar sex scenes, there are all kinds of hot sex positions they can try out that they can’t in regular porn movies, like sex on the bar stool, on the bar itself, doggy style on a poll table – all of the things you had a fantasy of doing with that cute bar chicks from the local bar you can see pulled in these hot hardcore Asian sex videos.

Asian Bar Girl is a good reality porn site with just a few quirks, site design and lack of good search tool being the biggest ones, but otherwise, it’s a pretty good place to get membership on.

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